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Monday, November 7, 2016

Barbecue Menu Plan (Non-Veg & Veg)

As we start to feel the difference in our daily weather, that early morning sight of fog and mist and we can hardly notice those clear rays of sun; all this indicates that winter has finally arrived. For some countries it could be dreadful, with blanket of snow covering the whole city. But in those Middle Eastern countries, winter is a season of family get togethers, picnics and mostly out door weekends. Yes I am talking about life in UAE, as I live here and would like to connect more with this kind of climate. Not many to be seen in the Malls as the crowd now shifts their venue to the beautiful parks and beaches. 

Now the question arises as to what to prepare for a barbecue party. Everyone has their own choice, but just to give a brief idea and menu options, I have prepared a sample menu for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

Barbecue Non-Veg Menu Plan

Click on the name of the dishes for recipe.

Barbecue Non -Veg Menu Plan

Click on the name of the dishes for recipe.

Barbecue Vegetarian Menu Plan

Nizami Veg Kabab

Click on the name of the dishes for recipe. 


  1. nice ideas for the dinner and small family parties, I got nice ideas for the dishes from your post.

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