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Sunday, December 25, 2016

10 Nutritious and Wholesome Dal Recipes for Daily Cooking

Lentils are very high on nutritional value, very quick and easy to prepare. These are considered as one of the versatile ingredients used in cuisines around the world. They take the form of a curry in the Indian Sub-continent, a nice and wholesome dip or as a salad in the Middle Eastern region, may be a taco filling ingredient in the western world and also in form of sauces as you east.

The reason for me to make a post on this is due to the fact that 'Dal' or lentil curry is the most common food prepared by any Indian.

Talking about the health benefits, it provides with the daily dose of dietary fiber, is heart healthy, stabilizes blood sugar, and source of Iron. 

Here is a collection of the Dal recipes which are posted till date on this blog.

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  1. Its more than just a fryer. Besides making great sweet potato fries and chips, as already mentioned it also allows you to cook risotto, ratatouille, and curry. here