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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Lahm Ajeen

lahm Ajeen
Lahm Ajeen

I did not have to give a second thought to even say 'yes' to my dear friend Rafeeda when she invited me to be a guest blogger in her wonderful food space Though I have never met her personally yet feel like I know her since ages now. 

If you are looking for any authentic recipes from Kerala cuisine, then this is the blog you need to visit. What I admire about her is how she does a bang up job with family, work, and blog. And is also the person behind uniting the fellow bloggers through the Muslim Food Bloggers Challenge. 

Lahm Ajeen is my personal favorite for not only as recipe or dish. It is more like a comfort food and also my family favorite during the month of Ramadan. Lahm Ajeen also popularly known as ‘Sfiha’ is an Arabic style of meat pizza but without cheese. Every Arab country has its own version of making Lahm Ajeen and the toasted pine nuts add that special flavor which makes it more unique.

You can find the recipe here: Be My Guest - Lahm Ajeen

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  1. It was a pleasure having you around dear... thank you for this delicious guest post!