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Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Banana & Caramel Crepes ~ Sweet Crepes with Banana & Caramel Sauce

Crepes with Banana & caramel Sauce
Banana & Caramel Crepes
If you have been following my old posts, you must have realized my obsession with it savory or sweet. Crepes are very quick and easy to prepare as it does not need any time for fermentation, or time for rising. They are just prepared instantly with ingredients always found at home at any time of the day. I have tried savory crepes with spicy stuffing both vegetarian and non-vegetarian version. You can check out the most popular post on my blog called Peri Peri Chicken Crepes and Vegetable & Cheese Crepes.

Monday, August 14, 2017

Spinach & Tomato Rice | Palak Pulao | Flag Colored Rice Recipe

Flag Colored Rice
Spinach & Tomato Rice

It is that time of the year when two neighboring countries celebrate their Independence Day together. So here is a post totally dedicated to Pakistan and India on the occasion of the Independence Day which is celebrated on two consecutive days - 14th and 15th respectively.  And I am really moved by the fact that being an Indian blogger, I have a lot of readers from Pakistan. That's the reason I didn't want to miss this chance of showing my part of gratitude to my valuable and special readers from Pakistan. This makes it apparent that our taste buds are free from any kind of borders or 'sarhad'.