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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Cucumber Doogh ~ Afghan Yogurt Drink

Cucumber Doogh ~ Afghan Yogurt Drink
Cucumber Doogh

Today is the day for our monthly challenge of Muslim Food Bloggers and the theme set is so simple that even a person without any cooking skills can participate.

The theme set for this month is 'Cooking with ingredient' and the ingredient is 'Cucumber'. I really wanted something easy for this month's challenge as I am all set for my vacation now. I do have an unending list of cucumber recipes from which I could easily choose one, and noticed that most of the recipes were instant and no-cook ones.

Cucumber Doogh ~ Afghan Yogurt Drink
Afghan Yogurt Drink

The cucumber was originally cultivated in South Asia and now it is widespread throughout the world. Even though it is part of gourd family which is grown on a creeper, most of the varieties are considered to be fruits like watermelon, muskmelon etc.

As the saying goes, 'as cool as cucumber' it is the ideal food to be consumed during summers. A highly recommended food for a healthy and bright skin due to its high content of silica. Cucumbers are the perfect blend of fiber and water, helps protect against constipation and kidney stones.

Cucumber Doogh ~ Afghan Yogurt Drink
Afghan Doogh

Now coming to this recipe of Cucumber Doogh, it is a very quick, easy and refreshing summer drink popular in Middle Eastern countries. Ayran is another name of this yogurt drink in Turkey which is also considered as their National drink.  It is often served chilled as an accompaniment to the main course dishes.  Just blitz together 1 chopped cucumber, yogurt, mint leaves and a pinch of salt, it is as simple as that. But never assume that it will taste like any usual Indian spiced lassi. I too had that perception of this drink when I read about this recipe, but then I was totally wrong as it has a different creamy taste. The feedback I got from my daughter is that it tastes like a Raita milkshake 😄.

Cucumber Doogh ~ Afghan Yogurt Drink

Refreshing yogurt and cucumber drink with slight mint flavor and seasoned with salt.

Preparation time: 5 minutes
Total time: 5 minutes
1 cup = 250 ml capacity
Serves 4


2 cup chilled yogurt
2 cup chopped cucumber (with or without skin)
10 mint leaves
Pinch of salt
Ice cubes


Blend the above ingredients in two batches or all at once in a grinder to a smooth drink. Serve chilled with ice cubes.

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  1. The recipe may sound simple, but I am sure to second your daughter's comment - it does feel like raita smoothie! Just apt for the ruthless summers at the moment...

  2. Perfect refreshing cooler to beat the heat of this summer afternoons...

  3. hehe Raita Milkshake sounds interesting and the recipe looks easy to make and pics are super beautiful

  4. I had made this for my son's friends after they played a football match in the hot weather. I was happy that all the kids loved it ..its certainly a healthy drink