Weekly Meal Plan 2

Weekly Meal Plan 2


A weekly meal plan is a brilliant way of saving time and cooking healthy food. Meal planning makes grocery shopping and meals less hectic, and we could all use a little less stress in our lives.

Here is a weekly plan from Monday to Friday, anticipating the leftovers and eat-outs keeping the Saturdays and Sundays flexible. There is no hard and fast rule to strictly follow the meal plan in this order. It is completely your choice to mix and match the dishes and prepare according to your choice. I have also made a weekly shopping list to go with this particular weekly plan so that you have all the ingredients in hand before planning to cook. For recipes for each dish, please click on the name of the dish for a direct link to the post.


Shopping list ~ Grocery List




Monday Meal Plan

Methi Murg

Khatti Dal

Ghee Rice or Steamed Rice

Aloo Gobhi Ki Sabzi



Tuesday Meal Plan

Chicken Hakka Noodles

Chinese Chicken Gravy

Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup

Pasta & Chicken Salad


Wednesday Meal Plan

Drumstick & Prawn Curry

Beans Sukka

Hariyali Fish Tikka

Steamed Rice


Thursday Meal Plan

Masoor Masala

Chicken Tikka




Friday Meal Plan

Peshawari Mutton Kadhai

Homestyle Dal


Pomegranate & Cucumber Salad

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